Twitter Interview with the Writing Community

Greetings. Happy Saturday to everyone in the #WritingCommunity. This past week I asked a series of questions on Twitter and got varying answers to the questions. Here some of your answers will appear on here. Hope you have had a great start to the weekend so far. All responses from Twitter.

Question 1 for my post this weekend. What inspired you to become a writer?

From Tiffany Elliot When a student teacher in my 5th grade read my essay out loud to the class, then praised it as the best afterwards. It was a weekend assignment, so I was really nervous.

From BubbleyBrain I enjoy writing. Did some fan fiction, was fun. People made fan art for me based on it. Thought to do it professionally and was a horrible mistake and I wasted years of my life even trying.

Question 2. What is yoru favorite genre or subjects to write about? Answers below too.

From Amanda Johnston-Creepy Word Witch The Sci-Fi element creeping into my Fantasy books was brain-twisting, but it was a lot of fun to have to sit down and map out what exactly was happening to who, and when it was happening, and when it WASN'T

From DB Carter- I like to write Drama and Romance

From Hardstyle Meets Headphones Epic sword fights based on 15th century German martial arts Evidently trauma (childhood trauma, traumatic experience, the aftermaths) Sex - including discussions on foodplay and cruise lounge etiquette

Question 3 for my post this weekend. Which writer had the most or greatest influence on you?

From Jenn Sackleh Although I’ve loved many authors and many books, I suppose Stephen King, because my mother use to read all of his books out loud to our family during my youth