Twitter Interview with the Writing Community

Greetings. Happy Saturday to everyone in the #WritingCommunity. This past week I asked a series of questions on Twitter and got varying answers to the questions. Here some of your answers will appear on here. Hope you have had a great start to the weekend so far. All responses from Twitter.

Question 1 for my post this weekend. What inspired you to become a writer?

From Tiffany Elliot When a student teacher in my 5th grade read my essay out loud to the class, then praised it as the best afterwards. It was a weekend assignment, so I was really nervous.

From BubbleyBrain I enjoy writing. Did some fan fiction, was fun. People made fan art for me based on it. Thought to do it professionally and was a horrible mistake and I wasted years of my life even trying.

Question 2. What is yoru favorite genre or subjects to write about? Answers below too.

From Amanda Johnston-Creepy Word Witch The Sci-Fi element creeping into my Fantasy books was brain-twisting, but it was a lot of fun to have to sit down and map out what exactly was happening to who, and when it was happening, and when it WASN'T

From DB Carter- I like to write Drama and Romance

From Hardstyle Meets Headphones Epic sword fights based on 15th century German martial arts Evidently trauma (childhood trauma, traumatic experience, the aftermaths) Sex - including discussions on foodplay and cruise lounge etiquette

Question 3 for my post this weekend. Which writer had the most or greatest influence on you?

From Jenn Sackleh Although I’ve loved many authors and many books, I suppose Stephen King, because my mother use to read all of his books out loud to our family during my youth

From Diana Schooling Lucy Maud Montgomery. Few writers can make the characters seem very real. Better than classics like Wuthering Heights, etc. She continues to be my writing hero, a goal tantalizingly just out of reach. Steven Moffat (Dr Who; Coupling) does that, too.

Question 4 for my post this weekend. What is your philosphy in life? Answers below

From Amanda Crozier Author Take each day as it comes and don't worry about what is to come - it may never come and you will have worried for nothing.

From Jessey the Re-animator of Things Always learn. Keep doing what you love. And above everything else, do the things to prove your self-doubt and other people wrong

From Dave Evans If you can’t find a door make one, always try to leave a door open on friendships, treat people as they treat you, try not to judge empahsis on try and be thankful for what I have

Question 5 for my upcoming post on my blog. What do you think the biggest issue is facing humanity today (can be political or non politicial)? Answers below

From BubbleyBrain Too much power and wealth in the hands of an elite few people and corporations.

From Holly Tinsley Lack of trust/reliability in information sources both online and via spoken word. There's probably lots but hope that helps!

Question 6. For my post #WritingCommunity. If there was one thing that was going on in the world today that I could change what would it be?

From Kacey Kells Climate change... because it threatens every form of life. Hence, other issues come necessarily AFTER this one.

From Rebecca MacCeile The current political circus in the US. It’s bad abroad too, but right now the US is just an embarrassment.

From The Adventures of Cardigan Racism. We all bleed the same blood.

Question 7 for my blog post this weekend. Which of the fine arts (music, literature, art, etc) was your favorite to study in school?

From Maria Elena Martinez Literature. I have a degree in English Literature.

From Lisa Reynolds English. I would have to have studied music but it wasn't an option.

From Sherril Fine Art major, Graphic Design minor, sparking a creatively driven career, encompassing multiple mediums~~>>Self employed by "can do" attitude, each custom request contributing skills towards what is needed for the next! Follow your passion & success is inevitable.

Question 8 for my blog post this weekend. What genre or genres do you write and why did you chose that or those? What influenced you?

From Stephen J. Wolf Always fantasy for me, writing or reading. I need the essence of magic, the ability to create from the mind alone and have it manifest in the world around me.

From Dana Lee Burton I mostly #write in #fantasy or #scifi #adventure. I love the thought of playing around with #magic, so it's fun to create plot lines revolving around a world that has it. But I've written in a variety of different genres, a good story should be told regardless

Question 9 for my blog post this weekend. If you knew you only had a week left before biting the dust what would your 'bucket' list entail?

From author carrie weston Now I’ve had a close experience so I’ve really thought about this one. I would go away with my family and do anything and everything fun and exciting with them so they remembered happy times with me

From Andrew Pullins Spending time with my wife and friends, trying to outline my second wip so someone could pick up and run with it, travel a bit, and have fun. And pray. A lot. It would terrify me and that would be the one of thr only things that might bring me comfort.

From J.R. Rioux Making sure I said my good-byes, assigning heirlooms to family, and figuring out where to get myself cremated.

Question 10 for my blog this weekend. If you like pizza what is your favorite toppings?

From reneemarskiauthor Onions and mushrooms

From J.D Caren Mushrooms and onions

From Wanda Thibodeaux Definitely classic pepperoni

From Juliette Kings Pepperoni and artichokes and black olives and mushrooms. And lots of cheese!!!!! But seriously, pretty much everything except big chunks of green bell pepper.

Question 11 for my blog this weekend. If you write for both kids and adults which do you find harder to write?

From JCFuller M.S.Ed I do write both and I do find challenges in both. With adults you can have little more freedom. With kids you do have to be careful what you write.

From CinderellaMonologues Adults

From Wanda Thibodeaux Kids. It's hard for me to talk in their language anymore, so to speak. I have to work hard to do it.

Question 12 What in your view is the hardest part of going through the process of getting a book published?

From Elizabeth A. Wilson Publisher rejections that come back so fast there's no way anyone even looked at the manuscript & their cold letters lacking any acknowledgement of, let alone respect for, the time & hard work that went into writing a great story they ignored. They're why I publish Indie now.

From AngieMWrites Creating a submission packet. Published A wants these three thing. Pub B wants those three things in a different format and two others. Pub C wants completely different things.

From Bryan R. Quinn In mainstream publishing, it would be securing a literary agent. In India publishing, it would be finding a reputable publisher.

These are all great answers from very great writers and authors in the #WritingCommunity. Do go and check out their works. Hope you have great Saturday

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