The Pale Faced Lie: A True Story (5 Stars) Review

The Pale-Faced Lie: A True Story (5 Stars) Review

The Pale Faced Lie: A True Story by David Crow brought out many emotions in me. Sympathy, empathy, surprise and disbelief are just a few of the emotions I felt while reading this outstanding book. I would be lying if I said this was an easy read it was not but it is a read that is needed. The subject of child abuse is easily one of the hardest topics to talk about and address even in today’s society. I say this because as a Special Education teacher my job is to ensure the well being of kids and to ensure they are safe and able to learn. This is stark contrast to the truth of the story told by Mr. Crow. Throughout his childhood he suffers many traumatic experiences yet in the end he overcomes it by reaching the finishing life. The fact that this story is a true story makes me wonder why some people who are abused turn out bad and some who go through hardships are able to overcome their obstacles and succeed. Again, this is not an easy read but it is one I would highly recommend for people to ready. A true story and one with an important lesson that no matter the circumstances we face how we respond to them is far more important than anything else. His perseverance is to be commended and those who want a book with hard issues with good lessons this is definitely a must read.