Stephen Wolf Interview

Hello Everyone. Welcome back. Today I am posting up another interview with another fabolous writer of the WritingCommunity. Stay tuned as more will be on the way. Now without futher adeau.

1) What inspired you to write in general? Reading and watching movies inspired my imagination. I wanted to create my own worlds and share them with others. With a penchant for fantasy, I dive into my own realms and bring them to life.

2) Did you always know or believe you could write or get a book published? When I was 15, I wrote a “novel.” By today’s standards, it was a novella at best. But I believed in it and I wanted it to be published. My mom helped me with the details, and I sent it to four different publishers at the time. After rewriting the story in high school and college, I realized I had far to go before publishing. When I turned 40, I ventured into self-publishing, thanks to support from friends and family. I work hard to make each volume as perfect as possible before releasing it. I’m proud of all the works I’ve released.

3) What kind of support system did you have when writing a book? Did you have friends or family support you along the way? I’ve always had support around me. My mom and sister were my first readers and they encouraged me at every turn. In my adult years, other friends became my avid readers, too. My husband has also been an enormous support of the entire process. He listens as I discuss plot points and twists, which helps me work out kinks that can occur in the writing process.

4) What specifically influenced you to get into the genre or the story(ies) you are currently writing? I always loved magic and fantasy, but it was Lyndon Hardy’s Master of the Five Magics that drew me in, as well as Melanie Rawn’s Dragon Prince series. These showed me the vast possibilities of fantasy. From Hardy’s logical magic systems to Rawn’s deep characters, I wanted to follow in their footsteps.

5) Without giving too much away describe your work for the audience. My pride and joy is my Red Jade series. In this, two kingdoms are in constant conflict, with upsurges of war through out the years. One mage, Dariak, seeks to end the fighting by finding and assembling the shards of the Red Jade. This challenges him to travel across both kingdoms with a team of warriors, thieves, and mages. The main series is four books long and there are two stand-alone prequels, too. I’m in the process of converting them to audiobooks; book four will be up soon. Currently, I’m working on revitalizing that tale I wrote when I was 15, to make it something I can share with the world now. A deep evil permeates the land and withers everything away. Startok ventures out to find his father, and along the way decides he must do something about the world’s decay. He discovers he can use magic and with the help of others he pursues the great evil force.

6) And if someone is interested and I am trying to help drum up interest where would someone be able to get your works? All my works are available in print and for Kindle at Amazon. Books 1-3 are also available at Audible, with book 4 on the way. Details and links for all my books can be found at, including my choose-the-fate novel and the two JavaScript coding books. Also at, you can find maps, character sketches, music, and the artists I’ve worked with on the series. Find me on Twitter