Sonic the HedgeHog Film

Review of Sonic the Hedgehog (film)

Rating 5 Stars

Wow! What can I just say. Sonic the Hedgehog exceeded expectations. I came into the movie not really knowing what to expect. True there was a bit of star power with Jim Carrey who once again delivered a performance of a life-time as the maniacal Dr. Robotnik (“Eggman”). More on Carrey in just a few because he does deserve nothing but praise for his role but I do want to mention about the story as a whole and the other people and characters that helped make the film come to live. Ben Schwartz was the voice of sonic and also provided facial motion capture of Sonic and James Marsden well he did extremely well too as Tom Wachowski the town sheriff who aids Sonic during his run from the evil genius Dr. Robotnik. There was not too many people characters involved in the film which is a good thing and focused on the characters that really made people like myself (kid growing up in 80s and 90s) be reminded why we grew up to be fans of Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog. The film as a whole is kid and friendly family with good clean story and comedy throughout the entire film. Never felt slow or dull at any point. Now concerning Mr. Carrey in his role as the villainous Dr. Robotnik. Mr. Carrey again shows us why he is one the better and well known stars in Hollywood today. Growing up when I think of Jim Carrey I think of Ace Ventura the Pet Detective and to a smaller extent Riddler in Batman Forever but this role and performance as Dr. Robotnik takes the cake. He fills the role very well. Granted Dr. Robotnik was always a comedic villain more (much like how Bowser is in the Mario series) more so than a serious villain (like Ganon in Zelda) and the role fits him very well. In that regard I tip my hat off to Mr. Carrey too. Overall well done. Well written. Good story and best of all a rare clean family friendly film that hardly comes along these days. 5 Stars