Review: The Cherries: Faith, Hope and Happiness. Does she Dare? 5 stars

First of all kudos to this wonderful story. Well written and it was the type of story I needed on a day where things have not been going so well. Reading The Cherries: Faith, Hope and Happiness. Does She dare? Made me think about the fact that some people have it worse than others but in spite of the obstacles that one faces they can overcome and persevere. Beautifully written and yes there are some religious overtones, though they are not the core of the story, so if you don’t like religious overtones then this book might not be for you. Once I began reading it I kept reading it nonstop. In many ways the realism of the story allowed me to put my self into their shoes and understand the characters even better which made it for an even better read. Again, well written, good developed characters and a story that kept me wanting more and more. A must read for you.