Review Salt and Light: Being the Hands and Feet of Christ (in a cruel and dangerous world) 5 stars

The question of can one be a Christian and be a police officer or teacher or really anything for that matter is a question that many people ask. It certainly can be tough at times especially in how politicized the world is becoming today. When people think of police officers these days the unfortunate view especially on media is that they are always the bad guys that are in the wrong when quite frankly that is not true. While it is true there are bad apples in every field and profession Capt. Poole demonstrates that it is possible not only to be a police officer but Christian and that they are not mutually exclusive. His dedication as both a police officer and Christian, despite the osbtalces he had to face, is obvious throughout the story and for that he must be commended. It is certainly not easy to be both a police officer and Christian and yet he balances out the two and shows what true meaningul public service can and should be (and not what is often portrayed on TV). It was also well written and kept me interested the whole time. Must read for those who are looking for inspiration today.


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