Review of Werewolve Nights (5 stars)

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Wow! What can I say! Werewolve Nights by Mari Hamill is not your typical werewolve books. This has the elements of fiction, fantasy, mystery and werewolves all into one. It was well written and kept me reading from begining to end. From the begining to the end I never got the feeling I knew how it was going to end and kept reading. When I did think I figured it out I quickly realized i did not and was pleasantly surprised. The main character Catherine is indeed a strong female character who mostly would rather work in her shop and study werewolve lore rather than try to find another man after the disappearances of an ex boyfriend and ex husband. Yes, it is part romance and part mystery. The mystery part was for trying to understand what was really going on. This really became apparent after she landed an acting role. Her determination is somewhat tested after she gets the acting job with the lead guy which eventually makes her realize what she had previously beleived to not be entirely true.  Overall, a well written story and one that will keep readers into it until the end.