Review for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Well, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is finally year. after months and months of seeing trailers and hearing previews the conclusion the the Skywalker saga is finally here. And it sure is a dandy. Of the three movies in the sequel trilogy The Rise of Skywalker does more or less feel more like a Star Wars movie that I was accostumed to than the previous. Certainly is better than the previous The Last Jedi. Why is the Rise of Skywalker better? For one there is more meaningful character interaction. As a movie watcher I could feel and emphatize with all the main characters more in this film than in the previous aftermentioned The Last Jedi. Also does a better job explaining why and how Rey got her force powers. Being the granddaughter of the franchise's biggest villain Palpatine/Sidious is more plausiable than being the daughter of nobody-that does not explain how and why she got her power or is as powerful as she is. While it is certainly possible that force sensitive beings can be born to non force sensitive parents fans were certainly wanting an explanation to the mystery surrounding Rey. The Rise of Skywalker does also pay homage to those who have been fans for years and years and taking some material that is clearly from Star Wars Legends-such as cloning and other Sith techniques. Another positive note concerning Rise of Skywalker is that it does give Kylo Ren/Ben Solo a fitting end. His character arc like the other Skywalkers does come full circle. Like many others in his family line he struggles with the Dark Side and does come back to the light much the same way Anakin did and Luke did in Legends. In a way Kylo Ren reminded me of Darth Cadeus in the Legends continuity. As most fans know Darth Cadeus was Jacen Solo-the son of Han and Leia who turned to the Dark Side and became a Dark Lord of the Sith and in the film series Kylo Ren/Ben Solo filled that role. So that was in essence anothe homage to the fans who have been loyal all these years. The Rise of Skywalker is indeed faster paced than the Last Jedi or Force Awakens was and for two and half hour movie it certainly is a movie that can be enjoyed by old and new fans alike. My score is a 91/100 for a five star rating.