Review For Kellcey

First, of all let me start off by saying this-if this memoir by Ms. Kells does not make you think about our culture today or turn your stomach I wonder if anything will. Ms. Kells, tells a difficult story very well. Very few people I know truly has the courage to tell the rest of the world what happened. Very courageous and very inspiring indeed. I read the entire story in one setting as I do most of the books I read. I cannot tell you how many times I felt bad and wanted to cry based on what I read. One thing I have learned (of many things) in life is that no two people’s struggles is exactly the same. Even people who have been sexually assaulted or raped do not go through the exact same process (may be similar but not exactly the same as no two people on earth is). Kellcey is a truly inspirational story which I hope you all read and truly take the time to appreciate. The lessons are many the biggest of which that while males and females are created differently (biologically and psychologically) they are created equally. Not only does Ms. Kells writes about sexual assault and the effect it has on her physically and emotionally but she also in many cases describes situations I have seen far too often, and is unacceptable, and that is the culture of bullying and sexual harassment (often precursors to sexual assault and rape). Sexual assault and rape is not so often about sex but about power and control and the lack of respect for the rights of others which is a very good point of her memoir. Until society starts to truly realize that men and women, while different, are equal it is an unfortunate fact that many more cases like Ms. Kells will continue to exist. Ms. Kells demonstrated true courage when she wrote this memoir and it is my hope that many others read this memoir and learn to look at life just a little differently. Sometimes a little change can mean the biggest different. Outstanding story from start to finish and well written. 5 Stars

(Picture of Statue of Liberty is represents freedom-freedom for all-and freedom one gets once they overcome their personal obstacles. Freedom is not freedom unless it is freedom for all).