Review for Emma Stevens and the Lord of Crime

carrie weston's review Jun 12, 2019 5 star

it was amazing Recommended for: adults who like crime

Wow, what an intense roller coaster ride this crime fiction novel turned out to be. We follow Detective Stevens along with her colleagues as they uncover crime after crime pointing towards the Alphabet Terrorist. We learn of her deep suffering as she tells a tale from one of her detective files, constantly reaffirming that her faith guides her forwards. Other agents are brought in to help with the case and Detective O'Malley is one of them. Also reeling from a past encounter of horrific proportions he finds himself falling for Emma Stevens, as together they fight against the lord of crime bringing him to heel for his judication. An all-round good adult crime fiction novel. Characters are detailed and intriguing and the plot hides a mysterious undercurrent. If you want to be chilled to the bone and love fast passed fiction then give this book a go!