My views

Name: Jeff C Fuller

Date of Birth” 07-11-82

Political Party: Old School GOP (not today’s GOP)/ Independent

Who I have voted for: Bush ® (2000)

                                   Kerry (D) (2004)

                                  Obama (D) (2008)

                                  Write in- (I) (2012)

                                 Write in (I) (2016) 

                                TBD (2020- supporting Sen. Sanders at the moment)


Healthcare: Healthcare is a fundamental human right and all Americans and people should have access to affordable coverage

Guns: Generally while I do support the 2A I do see where there needs to be some gun control reform and loopholes closed

Gay Marriage: I support  the right of all people to marry and be in the relationship they chose (consenting adults that is -not adult to child)

Marijuanna: Let each state decide- get rid of the federal law

Prison reform: There should be sentencing and criminal justice reform- too many people in prison for drug issues (which honestly should be a medical issue not necessary a criminal one) and help release them get them help while keeping the violent felons locked up

Education: It should be up to the local boards to dictate education policy not the job of the federal government-actually in my view there should be less standardized testing and  schools and communities should give kids more chance to be kids

LGBTQ rights: I do not believe people should be discriminated against in terms of housing, employment or even in military service based on their sexual orientation

Death penalty: Against it

Life in prison without parole: Should be reserved exclusively for sexual predators, child molesters, killers and those with a history of violent acts (more than 1). 

Taxes: I believe in a flat tax rate for all Americans across the board

Immigration: There needs to be some immigration reform. Immigrants should be able to come to the US (quite honestly I think the administration is trying to make it impossible for immigrants to come in rather than just stymie illegal crossings of the border). The border does need to be secure but not at the cost of denying all entry. 

Sports betting: Legalize it

Environmental issues: I do believe we are harming and damaging our environment. There needs to be new energy sources. Clean energy. I do not like the terms global warming or climate change because what I think is happening is more encompassing that that. Also need to find a way to limit pollution, limit plastic in our water, seas, rivers, etc. Limit the amount of trees being cut without replacement. The list could go on and on. 

Freedom of religion: Each to their own and how they want to practice religion. Although I disagree with many politicians I do agree there seems to be an increase in hate towards both Jews and Muslims. Both groups by different people. I think all should be able to freely practice their religion as they see fir or not practice it all if they chose. Again, freedom to chose.

Abortion: Personally, I am pro life however, I am coming to the conclusion that the government should not have any business in making medical decisions for people. The Alabama Abortion ban went way too far. As does Georgia’s I feel. 

Government: For the most part the smaller the government the better

Wages: There should be a livable wage  for all those working (not where one gets paid and winds up losing money check after check as I see happens so often)

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