My views

Name: Jeff C Fuller

Date of Birth” 07-11-82

Political Party: Old School GOP (not today’s GOP)/ Independent

Who I have voted for: Bush ® (2000)

                                   Kerry (D) (2004)

                                  Obama (D) (2008)

                                  Write in- (I) (2012)

                                 Write in (I) (2016) 

                                TBD (2020- supporting Sen. Sanders at the moment)


Healthcare: Healthcare is a fundamental human right and all Americans and people should have access to affordable coverage

Guns: Generally while I do support the 2A I do see where there needs to be some gun control reform and loopholes closed

Gay Marriage: I support  the right of all people to marry and be in the relationship they chose (consenting adults that is -not adult to child)

Marijuanna: Let each state decide- get rid of the federal law

Prison reform: There should be sentencing and criminal justice reform- too many people in prison for drug issues (which honestly should be a medical issue not necessary a criminal one) and help release them get them help while keeping the violent felons locked up