My struggles-My story

Ladies and gentlemen around the world. Each of us has stories to tell. Some like me write #crimefiction while others write #memoirs, #fantasy, other #fiction and some write #nonfiction. I will probably write a #memoir myself after I finish #TheDetectiveFiles series which will have three books starting with #EmmaStevensandtheLordofCrime. Things in life have not been easy and I know for certain where I came from and where I do plan on going and how I am going to get there. Not only am I a teacher but I am now an #author and still #writer. I work with special needs kids because that is where I was called to do as a kid I myself was in special education (due to epilepsy and difficulty talking) Went from being a special ed kid to being the first in my family to graduate college with a Masters degree (in that field). There are so many things I could say and am inspired by talking and helping and sharing and listening to some of your stories as well. #WritingCommunity do not let anyone tell you that you cannot overcome or that you cannot do this or that because you can. Work hard and believe in yourself and you can overcome any obstacle. I certainly did. I got my M.S.Ed and became an author. ***On the side as a young man I was also diagnosed with #Aspergers so I know about the Autistic Spectrum and the difficulties they face. I was blessed the only major difficulty I had and still have is socialization which I have had to adapt and get better at over the years. Yes, it is difficult but it can be overcome. That is why I support #SpecialOlympics and #AutismAwareness and many other things. Writing, which is part of my life, has helped shaped some of my views and helped me change my mind on many things. I hope and pray for all of your success where ever you may be. I truly enjoy working and helping each of you be successful. Keep it up and please do me a favor help me by RTing this too and spread the message #WritingCommunity that all can be overcome.