More about me


Name: Jeffery Christopher Fuller (Jeff C Fuller)

Born: July 11, 1982 (36 going on 37)

State of Birth: Florida

City: New Port Richey/ Tampa

State live in Most: Alabama

State currently in: Delaware

Education level: Masters degree (in Collabortative Education)

Licenses: Alabama (Collaborative K-6)

                Delaware: (Elementary Ed, Special Ed K-12)

Books: #EmmaStevensandtheLordofCrime

Publisher: Page Publishing

Kids: No

Relatives: mom, dad, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, 1 nephew and 1 niece

Church: None

Religious: Yes (non-denominational)

Job: Teacher/Writer

Goals for 2019: Get certified as a teacher (complete)

                         Get book publisher (complete)

                         Get a teaching job- in progress

                         Go on a diet (not started yet)

                         Get a girlfriend (not started yet)

Favorite author: C.S Lewis

Favorite actors/actresses (Top 10)- Vincent D’Onofrio, Mark Hamill, Tim Allen, Chuck Norris, Chris Pratt, Cate Blanchett, Don Cheadle, Tim Curry, Samuel Jackson, and Will Smith. 

Any more ask me and I will also post more too later. 

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