Meet Carrie Weston

Greetings everyone. I trust everyone is having a good morning. The weekend has gone by fast. This writer is the third that took advantage of being shown on my blog and webstie. There will be more opportunties to be shown.

The writer is Carrie Weston.

Carrie is a hybred indi author and she writes crime fiction/fantasy. I also write crime fiction myself but with no fantasy elements which in her book Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code definitely does an added exciting twist to the story.

She also loves to write about angels and her book Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code is her first book. She is from the Uk and does have a son and pets (Cat and dog).

Carrie Weston's book is one that I have personally read and reviewed-it is also on my blog as a separate post so do check that out too. If you like crime fiction and or fantasy this book is definitely for you.

Have great weekend.