Meet Author Marian L Thor

This past week I did a little contest and said those who would reply would be considered to be featured on my site and blog. Helping promote myself and others is what I love doing.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a good weekend. #HappySaturday. Here is the first author to be featured on my blog. Meet Ms. Marian L. Thorpe.

Ms. Thorpe, lives in Canda and is the proud author of the books. called The Empire's Daughter, The Empire's Hostage and The Empire's Exile. These series is about a world that is reminiscent of northern Europre after the fall of the Roman Empire. This historical fiction explores the meaning of loyalty and love in an ever changing society. Following Lena, over a period of four years, from the day a solider rides into her village with a request, that women learn to fight, to a last, desperate battle to save her land, Empire's Legacy considers the impact of war and violence on men and women and the price we pay for freedom.

I myself love history and am a buff for fiction as well so if you history and fiction do come and check the work out by Ms. Marian L. Thorpe. Happy Saturday