Let's Restore Civility

My fellow Americans,

Today is one of the most chaotic times in our great nation’s history. More than since the Civil War of the 1860′s more and more Americans are starting to see each other as enemies instead of Americans which quite frankly is a shame. I love talking with people on both sides of the aisle provided they want to have a civil debate and not start name calling or spreading false information.

The last decade has in particular been extremely divisive. Social media is playing a role in it but then again so is the main stream media. Every where you  go and turn you see the media on both sides accusing each other of bias and lies without much evidence in the wayside. Whatever evidence that shows up is often quickly generated and proven to be a fake. This has occurred to MSM outlets like CBS and CNN and even MSNBC. But it has happened to Fox too. 

That being said, I am a independent voter. Used to be hardcore GOP on most of the issues but a certain thing called life has made me reconsider some of my positions. Some of it is due to my religion. I’m a Christian but I will also be the first to say that some would consider me to be a backslidden Christian. Why is that?  I’ll be honest I don’t go to organized church very often but I do read the Bible and pray. What I am seeing and witnessing goes contrary to the will of the one Lord I do serve. 

Politics have always been a very nasty business. It should not be but alas it is so. I do not mind GOP and Dems disagreeing but what I have seen is both sides treat each other as adversaries instead of fellow Americans as they are. What is lacking is one key element to get things done and that is respect. I have talked with many good people, and I mean really good people, that are liberal and just as many that are conservative and most of them I talked to admit that this viciousness often seen has bled down from Washington to now the general public.

Both the GOP and Dems differ greatly on the ideas of how to improve our country. I tend to lean liberal now (I used to be staunch conservative but then again life happens) on a lot of issues. Case in point. One major question that should be asked is how do we improve our country? How do we make it better for all? And when I say all I mean all (all groups, races, ethnicities, etc). As it stands the country is not benefiting all groups though potential is there for it to be able to do so.

I am going to be honest. Right now if 2020 was to happen right now my vote would be with Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. I cannot in good conscience vote for Mr. Trump (but then again I did not vote him in 2016 either). Mr. Trump is an example of the viciousness that has taken over the country. It is one thing to have disagreements with people, as we all do, but to go SM and Twitter to slam them and to mock them and call them names it is a different thing entirely. I do not agree with him politically either on many things but it is his personal conduct that is bothering me more. 

The Trump administration in my view has helped turn this republic into more of an authoritarian state.  Case in point this week, in my home state of Alabama, they passed an anti-abortion law that is strictest in the nation. Something tells me that they will lose and the law will get struck down but for the moment let’s forget that. Let’s talk about how restrictive it is.</