Jeff Fuller Interview #2

Greetings everyone. I trust everyone is having a good weekend. I got a few questions that a few people asked and I am now going to post the questions and answers here for my Interview #2.

1) What is your current occupation?

A substitute teacher though I am certified to teach Elementary education and Special Education in Delaware (Dually certified in Delaware) and Elementary Special Education (K-6) in Alabama. (Called Collaborative in Alabama)

2) Books published this year? Emma Stevens and the Lord of Crime.

3) What are you currently working on? Abbigail Wilson and the Masked Bandit (my kid's detective story), Verity Chronicles: the Jungle Master, the Witch Doctor and the Demon Lord (my YA Fantasy series), Emma Stevens and the MCO (2nd book in my adult crime series), refurbishing and editing the old crime stories (Files 1-20) that became the basis of my adult crime fiction series.

4) Which do you enjoy the best? I enjoy writing them all but the one that is the most lighthearted and can be enjoyed by the entire family is Abbigail Wilson and the Masked Bandit.

5) What inspired you to write? For my kids detective story one of my students I had taught in Alabama during internship became my inspiration for my kids detective story. Seeing the student struggle but not give up really inspired me to do the same. For my adult crime fiction it was seeing the risk that the men and women in uniform take everyday to protect our country. For my Fantasty I just loved fantasy and was inspired by other fantasy writers. My inspiration for each is different.

6) Goals for the rest of 2019-2020. To get my kids detective and my YA book published. Maybe even get Emma Stevens and the MCO released too.

7) Advice you would give to new incoming writers: Never give up. Writing is a long journey. It starts with a simple idea then it goes to writing into a program. Then obvisouly editing then querying and submitting which can be tough if rejected many times. But still never give up. Things that are worth it are never going to be easy.

8) Besides writing what is your long term goal or plan? My long term goal and plan, besides writing, is to be teaching young boys and girls wherever it may be. I do plan on going overseas too which is why I applied for a passport not too long ago. Making a difference in the lives of kids and people means as much to me as writing does.

9) What is your weakness in the process? Editing and illustrating. I can come up with ideas but editing is a pain in the butt for me though I still do it. Everyone has a weakness and that is okay. That is what makes writing unique. We all can be good at different areas and be weak in others.

10) Favorite food: Pizza (with all the meats)

11) Favorite Music: Soft Rock, old country,

12) Favorite Movie: Star Wars (the original trilogy)

13) Favorite Writer/Author(s): CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien

14) If you could go back in time what period of time would you go back to (just to observe)? I would personally love to go back to the Ancient Egypt era and see how the ancient Egyptians lived and see the building of the great Pyramids. I have always been fascinated by history.

15) Favorite Comic book heros: Male (IronMan for Marvel, Superman for DC) female (Black Widow for Marvel, WonderWoman for DC)

16 Favorite Villains: For Marvel it would be Thanos, for DC it would be the Joker.

17 Birthday: July 11, 1982

18: Where were you born at? New Port Richey, Florida

19 Where did you graduate college from? Troy University. Go Trojans

20 (Last one for now) What are you going as for Halloween? Since I have a little niece and nephew and will take them trick or treating I will go as the Incredible Hulk.

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