Jeff Fuller Interview

(1) First, tell everyone a little about your self.

First my name is Jeffery Christopher Fuller though most people call me Jeff or Jeffy. I was born in New Port Richey Florida though I was raised in Alabama most of my life. I graduated from Carroll High School in Ozark, AL then went to school at ESCC to get my Associate’s degree before going on to Troy University where I got my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. I do have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, a few uncles and aunts and cousins. My mom is still alive, father is not. I also do have a niece and nephew.

(2) What inspired you to write?

I have always wanted to be a writer as much as I wanted to be a teacher. When I am writing for that moment in time I can forget about everything else and just concentrate on that. Some times things in life help inspire what I write.

(3) What inspired you to write Emma Stevens and the Lord of Crime? Seeing the good brave men and women risk their lives to protect our communities in spite of everything that is going around them. The political culture has changed as such that in many cases police are vilified when they should not be. True, there will be bad actors in every field and law enforcement is no exception but the vast majority are good people trying to do a tough job.

(4) You recently got your Masters in Special Education. What inspired you to go into teaching and what made you chose that field to go into?

Growing up I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher but as I grew into a young man I realized I was not ready to do so. Used to go from job to job and really had no commitment which is a needed trait for teachers. So I decided to go to school get my BS to see if I could indeed start something from beginning to end before making such a commitment. By the time I was 90% through my BS I talked with a couple people at the grad school and they told me about the Alt-A program where I can get my Masters and teaching license at the same time. So it was then I decided to take that route. As to why did I want to go into the field of special education? As a child I was in special education myself due to seizures and having difficulty talking. Being told by a psychiatrist that I was retarded and would never mount to anything made me more determined to prove him wrong.

(5) Biggest inspiration in life?

I am not a perfect person or Christian though I will say Jesus is my inspiration. The golden rule do unto others as I want to be done to and love thy neighbor as I love myself which in my view also goes hand in hand with love the Lord with all thy heart, mind and soul. In my view if you hold bigoted views and hate people because of differences whether it is political, religious, or the like then I have to wonder what is your relationship with God like? How you treat people says more to me than anything else you can do.

(6) Biggest pet peeve?

Lack of honor and integrity. So much so I will not date a girl/woman that does not have it. Also, I expect my leaders to show character and leadership. This includes being able to admit they are wrong when they are and being able to work with others who may have differing views as you. When wor