Interview with Jeremy Dwyer

Good moring #WritingCommunity. Hope you have had a good safe weekend from the #COVID19 virus that has been spreading around. Things have slowed down but that does not mean life has to stop. Anyway. Here I am continuing my featuring of different authors. Without further adeau.

#1 & #4: These answers overlap for me: Adventure books such as Treasure Island and the Hobbit, horror stories like those of Edgar Allen Poe, some Greek and Egyptian mythology, and globes and atlases all inspired me to write in the first place and they also motivated my genre. The atlas specifically inspired me: I wanted to write about ocean journeys, where the oceans had fundamentally different kinds waters that affected the voyage.

#2: Actually, throughout my twenties and thirties, I made several failed attempts at writing my books. I could not figure out a narrative starting point or a proper writing style. I was convinced I had the seed of a great story idea, but school, career and family pushed it to the bottom of the list. I doubted that even a single book would ever get written. I did not start writing until I was 41.

#3: Honestly, other than book 1, no one really seemed interested. The specific genre I write doesn’t appeal to my family or friends. However, they accepted that I was committed to finishing it and so they allowed me to take the time necessary to write, which was hundreds of hours per book.