Interview with Cendrine Marrouat

Hello and Good morning #WritingCommunity. Now continuing with featuring different writers/authors on this site. Without further adeau.

Here you go:

1) What inspired you to write in general? Life and the lessons I keep learning.

2) Did you always know or believe you could write or get a book published? I started my writing career in my mid-20s. At the time, I had no clue whether I would be good enough or not. But I built my own website and started sharing my poems with the world very early on. After months of practice and feedback, I had built enough self-confidence to want to release a book. I actually self-published three at the same time. :-)

3) What kind of support system did you have when writing a book-did you have friends or family support you along the way? The support from friends and family members has always been poor. But they are not my ideal audience. So, it has never really mattered to me.

4) What specifically influenced you to get into the genre or the story(ies) you are currently writing? Poetry: Kahlil Gibran and Alphonse de Lamartine (one of the greatest French poets in history). Photography: Ansel Adams Theatre: I just wanted to experiment with a genre that fascinated me.  Humor: It's a very new thing for me. My goal was to challenge myself.  Guides for authors and writers: My co-author (poet David Ellis) and I have 35 years of combined experience as authors and writers. We kept seeing writers complain about writer's block, lack of inspiration, and the struggles of self-promotion. So, we decided that it was time to help!  As an artist, my work has always been influenced by the world around me. If I learn a lesson or enjoy a beautiful view, I want to share it with the world.      

5) Without giving too much away just describe your work a little for the audience. I am a photographer, poet, multi-genre author, and the co-founder of Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal and FPoint Collective. Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal is a magazine focusing exclusively on positive, uplifting and inspirational poetry. FPoint Collective is a collective of photographers. My releases include many books of poetry, three photography collections, a humor book, a play, and guides for authors and writers. My latest book is titled: "Bad. Pitches. Period. 30 Flavors of Spammy Emails". It is a collection of some of the funniest spam messages I have ever received. Each is accompanied by a humorous, albeit fictional response. In this day and age, we need a good laugh. Positivity is of the essence!  I also created my own poetry form (the Sixku) and photography style (the Reminigram). Overall, I love a good challenge, which has allowed me to gain solid experience in a few fields.

6) And if someone is interested and I am trying to help drum up interest where would someone be able to get your works? Just visit my website: There you will have easy access to all my books and photography, as well as my blog and projects.