Eugene Galt Interview

Hellol. Happy Weekend everyone. Today I will continuing to feature different writers of the Writing Community. Here it is Mr. Galt's interview. Do read and do check out his works. Without futher adeau.

1) What inspired you to write in general? When I was in elementary school, I read my first novel, which got me wondering whether I could write one.

2) Did you always know or belief you could write or get a book published? I always hoped, but I did not always know or believe so.

3) What kind of support system did you have when writing a book-did you have friends or family support you along the way? My spouse and friends supported me along the way.

4) What specifically influenced you to get into the genre or the story(ies) you are currently writing? The genre, contemporary realistic LGBT fiction, is a good fit for my lived experience; however, I believe that I have things to say that fit the genre but that I have not seen before.

5) Without giving too much away just describe your work a little for the audience. It combines psychological insight, character growth, social commentary, and dirty parts.

6) And if someone is interested and I am trying to help drum up interest where would someone be able to get your works? Amazon.