Amanda Crozier Interview- Author #WritingCommunity

Hello. Happy Weekend again #WritingCommunity. Today I continue to feature different writers on this blog. This one is the inteview for Mrs. Crozier. Do come check it out and check out her work too. Without further adeau.

1.What inspired you to write in general? I have always been an avid reader. At school, I always found writing stories easy, having a vivid imagination. Since the turn of the century, I have been listening to children read as a volunteer at my local Primary School. (This school year is my twentieth year). One day sitting in the school library at lunchtime, I had an idea for a children’s story about a boy finding a dragon egg, along with a title of “Ride the Wind”.

2)Did you always know or belief you could write or get a book published? I started “Ride the Wind” as a children’s story of approximately 32 pages. However, when I got to the end with the hatching, I realised that is was merely the start of a tale far larger. After a rewrite, four hundred pages it dawned on me that there was too much for one book, and so the Dragonlore Trilogy was born. I always believed I could write the tale, but it was only when a very good friend, who teaches creative writing, took an interest in the project that I realised that seeing it in print could actually become a reality.

3)What kind of support system did you have when writing a book-did you have friends or family support you along the way? The only support I have received is from my friend mentioned above. She is the only person so see my manuscript as I go. She also Beta reads for me.

4)What specifically influenced you to get into the genre or the story(ies) you are currently writing? Back in the 1980s, I had to lay flat for several weeks following a back injury. A different friend brought me two of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonrider of Pern books. Immediately a love for the fantasy genre in general and dragons in particular was forged. I already had a love for equines – I rode from the age of four – so I guess the transition for the love of horses to a love for dragons was not so great. A dragon is so much more!

5)Without giving too much away just describe your work a little for the audience. One boy… one egg… together as dragon and Rider… Zysal was the only person who truly believed in dragons, the ancient guardians of the peace. A War Lord has invaded, subjugating peaceful folk and taking all in his wake. Zysal’s sire, Zimadon, returns from his travels with this news for the village Elders at the Kevii Hall. Zysal is drawn to return to a cave where he gains access to a hidden way, leading him to discover a large egg from which a young dragon hatches. Magic has frozen time allowing the pair to mature together before returning to the village over the sacred waterfall He has to adjust to his new status as a Rider with the help of two guardians who are as old as the mists of time, and whilst his sire agrees to return to the coast to gather more information, the pair need time to grow in strength, but what can they do to help the situation that is so far from their remote village. They discover that the Kevii’s apprentice, Axen, can communicate with his dragon, Opalina, so what part will he play in the adventure that unfolds and what will Zimadon learn when he travels down the coast with two fishermen? The fantasy adventure continues in “Weather the Storm” (will be out this year) and conclude in “Greet the Dawn”.

6)And if someone is interested and I am trying to help drum up interest where would someone be able to get your works? If you would like to come with me to a land of dragons, magic and adventure, Ride the Wind is available at